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New Single - "I Still See You"

"You are destined for greatness."

- Percy Body (Grammy Award winning songwriter)

"Ebony, you're one of the most smoothest, sultriest singers."

- Rocky Bivens (Talent Manager)

"Little Brown Girl" Music Video



Ebony Jenae pulls her power from her truths. The unapologetic R&B singer finds solace in releasing her God-given talents into the world while on a life-long journey of liberating others. At four years old, Ebony Jenae sung her first note. Wandering through her adolescent years in Chicago, where she was born and raised, Ebony sought every opportunity to feel the warmth of the spotlight. She auditioned for Soul Children of Chicago, with whom she traveled the world for eight years, sharing the stage with the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Michelle Obama and Queen Latifah. She went on to study at Columbia College Chicago, where she learned of her love and readiness for acting. In 2018 she earned her BFA in Music: Vocal Performance with a minor in Acting. 

In tribute to insecurities that riddled her childhood, Ebony sent forth “Little Brown Girl” as her first released single. The unexpected and unsolicited recognition made it clear Ebony Jenae is here to inspire others to live in their truth, always and without remorse. She plans to carry her purpose with forthcoming memoir Dear Colorism, Time's Up! making Ebony Jenae a tetrad force--singer, songwriter, actress, and author.

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