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Marble Surface

a debut book by

Ebony Jenae


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Marble Surface


Author, Ebony Jenae, addresses the psychological conditioning that has kept colorism alive within the black community in her debut memoir, Dear Colorism, Time's Up!. She candidly shares her personal experience with colorism and her journey to self-love and acceptance while calling out the black community to do and be better. 


Growing up, Ebony spent most of her adolescence praying away her deeply melanated skin. She was persecuted routinely for her dark complexion by classmates and often the butt of passive colorist remarks made by family members. Falling victim to this harsh scrutiny, she reached a level of self-hate that only God could pull her out of.  Ebony believes that colorism is an issue that's often brushed over with ineffective, overly sanitized conversations. Thus, the "tell it like it is" approach she takes when sharing her story in such a raw unfiltered way. From childhood trauma to her dating life, to the prejudices she experiences in her industry, Ebony speaks about it all with no eggshells. 

Along with her personal experiences, Ebony Jenae shares the stories of eight other black women to further demonstrate how colorism affects them and what their community can do to protect and honor them.


You can expect to be triggered, challenged, and possibly offended. But, after reading you will have learned something that hopefully inspires you to do your part in dismantling this ism. 



About the book

Ebony Jenae


Ebony Jenae is a singer, songwriter, actress, and now published author. The multi-hyphenate creative is an emblem for women's empowerment and self-confidence.


Ebony released her debut single “Little Brown Girl” as a melodious decree for black women, especially those of darker skin tones, to own their rare beauty despite the world’s criticism. The unexpected and unsolicited recognition of the song made it clear that she is here to inspire others to live in their truth, always and without remorse.

The Chicago native has since planted roots in Atlanta, GA where she continues to make strides in her career as an actress and singer. She believes part of her purpose is to pave the way and create more opportunities for women that look like her. 

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